Old Fashioned Soda Kit

Recreate the amazing flavor from the good old days with this fabulous Old Fashioned Soda Kit. This fun wooden kit provides everything that is needed to serve up amazing artisan infused sodas that are far healthier and far more flavorful than modern sodas.

The old fashioned soda kit comes with 4 flip top bottles, a stainless steel funnel, 4 unique stainless steel straws, a classic wooden holding box, and your choice of one of four unique flavors... with the simple and classic soda syrup recipe expertly engraved into the wood.

This kit looks great in the kitchen or wet bar when not in use... Makes a great gift -especially for people who love to host summer parties.

Available Soda Syrup Flavors: Cherry Cola, Root Beer, Lemon, Pomegranate

Price: $85

Is this a gift? Have this item gift wrapped $10. Learn more here.

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